One-stop turnkey solutions

WeWork offers a comprehensive, all-in-one workplace solution customized to meet your specific office needs and requirements. Our services include a wide range of office amenities, facilities, and services, eliminating the hassle of setting up and relocating your office.

Facilities and services to support your business

At WeWork, membership payment is billed on a monthly basis. Our membership fee covers all the necessary facilities and services for your office, allowing you to concentrate on your work without worrying about real estate or amenities.

Streamlined procedures for office setup and relocation

We take care of all the necessary procedures for your office opening or relocation, eliminating the need to deal with multiple vendors. With WeWork, office openings and relocations can be completed in just a few days.

High-speed internet and reliable power supply

We offer high-security encrypted Wi-Fi and convenient power supplies throughout the building for your use. If desired, we can also assist with the installation of dedicated Wi-Fi upon request.

Office furniture and desk cabinets

As part of our standard set up, you will find desks, chairs, and cabinets in your Private Office, ensuring that you have the necessary furniture and storage solutions equivalent to the number of desks you have contracted.

Free drinks

Enjoy a wide range of complimentary beverages including unlimited coffee, tea, milk, soy milk, and beer to enhance your work experience.

Cleaning and disinfection

Our dedicated cleaning staff ensures a clean and hygienic environment throughout the day, with regular disinfection and maintenance of each floor during business hours.

Printer and shredders

Printers and shredders are readily available at multiple locations. You may also bring in your own printer or shredder as well.

*1 You may use the printer with the credits you receive when you register with us.

*2 Beers are available only during a limited time

*3 Shipping may or may not be available depending on the location.

These are examples of the main services. The services included may vary depending on your plan.

Work at ease with WeWork

Security For Your Safety

Surveillance cameras

For your safety, we have installed multiple surveillance cameras in the common areas.

Enter and exit with an IC card

Enter and exit the premises conveniently and securely with an IC card.

Privacy films

As part of the Private Office plan, you have the option to apply a privacy protection film on the windows of your office.

Personal Wi-Fi

The Private Office plan includes the option to have dedicated WiFi installed exclusively for your use.


To ensure a smooth experience for your guests, please make a reservation in advance and have them check in at our reception desk.

*Services mentioned above are examples of our main offerings.
*Details regarding security may vary depending on your plan.

Thorough cleaning and sanitation

A Diverse Workspace to Boost Productivity

The safety and well-being of all WeWork members is our top priority, and it remains unchanged. We maintain a high level of infection control through regular disinfection and cleaning protocols, as well as expert advice.

Cleaning and disinfection

In addition to regular cleaning schedules, we are reinforcing the disinfection of high-contact surfaces and high-traffic areas.

Informative signage

We have installed informative signage to request the cooperation of all WeWork members in creating a safe and secure environment for everyone.

Air condition and ventilation

HVAC systems at each location are carefully managed and maintained to ensure compliance with the latest standards for ventilation and air filtration.

Community Wellness Guidelines

These are WeWork’s Community Wellness Guidelines, which are posted at each of our locations. Here is a summary of important points to prevent infections:

  • Sanitize your hands regularly
  • Observe social distancing
  • Wipe down surfaces after use
  • Stay home if you feel unwell

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