Making an impact together

Communities are at the heart of everything we do, from the businesses we support to the office spaces we build. WeWork's goal is to harness the power of community to positively impact people and the environment.

Message from Representative Director, President & CEO

WeWork Japan focuses on daily business operations and impactful activities to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs by building a sustainable society and solving social issues.

In a typical office, interior and furniture are often discarded every few years when an office relocates. WeWork's flexible office space enables the use of high-quality items while maintaining them for long-term use. By"sharing," various resources can be utilized efficiently and without waste, such as allocating the necessary space at the right time according to the business situation.

We foster a culture where people can be their true selves and work as they are, regardless of industry sector, race, gender, political or religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or disability. To promote an inclusive environment, we actively support women's work styles, women entrepreneurs, and educational activities in LGBTQ+, as well as creating a space that values the diversity of our members. Additionally, three Employee Community Groups (ECGs) - "Women of WeWork," "Pride of WeWork," and "Parents at WeWork" have been formed by WeWork employee volunteers. They are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and diverse culture both internally, and externally, as well as among our members, which aligns with WeWork Japan's Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values.

In the WeWork community, where diversity and individuality are respected, many of our members launch new businesses by sharing various opinions and ideas. We are providing additional support so that each member can find a place to thrive and enrich their daily lives through new encounters and opportunities in the community.

We will further strengthen our network to realize the SDGs with our members, comprising various companies and organizations within the community. We aim to contribute to creating an inclusive society that considers the urban and global environment through a space accessible to all and the value created by our communities.

Representative Director, President & CEO

Johnny Jeong Wan Yoo

Inclusion & Diversity

WeWork was built on the idea that we are better, together. Since day one, community has been at our core. From the design of our spaces to our programming, we strive to be a place where every individual – regardless of their background, colour of their skin, gender, political or religious beliefs, sexual orientation or difference of any kind – is welcomed, included and cherished.

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Our approach towards building a sustainable society

We are working on four main areas to help build a sustainable society.


Engaging work environments

Ensuring a safe work environment is our priority. We are dedicated to creating spaces where employees and members can prioritize their physical and mental health. We embrace diverse work styles, catering to the unique needs of all our members. Join us in a supportive and nurturing environment that promotes your wellbeing.


Make an impact in your community

Our matching program connects local governments with WeWork members, fostering collaboration and making a positive impact. We extend support to individuals and organizations in need, while also offering education programs to empower the next generation. Together, we can build a sustainable and thriving community.


Our dedication to sustainability

We prioritize incorporating environmentally friendly products to minimize our carbon footprint. Additionally, we actively promote repair and recycling initiatives to reduce resource consumption.


Protecting our energy

To significantly reduce our carbon footprint, we closely manage energy consumption and actively promote energy-saving measures. We are committed to implementing renewable energy sources to ensure a sustainable future.

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WeWork Japan、LGBTQ+に関する取り組みを評価する「PRIDE指標」最高位「ゴールド」を2年連続受賞

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