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WeWork is a thriving community that unites a wide variety of members, ranging from startups and small to medium-sized businesses, to large enterprises, governments, and non-profit organizations. With our events and support programs, we cultivate an environment that promotes connection, networking, and collaboration among members. Join our community and experience a place where growth is valued and nurtured among like-minded peers.
Our dedicated Community Team is here to help you.

Our dedicated Community Team is here to help you.

In addition to handling day-to-day operations such as guest management and mail services, our team is committed to fostering a sense of community by connecting members from diverse industries.

Experience a supportive and inclusive environment where you can truly be yourself.

WeWork goes beyond being a space for companies to connect. It's a place where individuals can discover new communities, grow personally and professionally, and truly find a sense of belonging. We believe that the growth and happiness of each employee contribute to the overall development of the entire company.

Our dedicated Community Team is here to support every company and individual, ensuring a comfortable and joyful office experience. Hospitality is our top priority, and we aim to excel in assisting you with your office needs and fostering meaningful connections. We strive to be a friendly partner you can rely on, engaging in conversations and cheering you on along your journey.

Head of Community

Ken Matsue

Experience a supportive and inclusive environment where you can truly be yourself.

Exclusive app for WeWork Members

Exclusive app for WeWork Members



Business Matching

Introducing our exclusive application designed to facilitate information exchange among WeWork members. With this app, you can connect and interact with fellow members not only within your own location but also across different WeWork locations worldwide. Expand your network and collaborate with like-minded professionals from diverse backgrounds. Stay connected and unlock new opportunities within the global WeWork community.



Community Building

Our app provides a platform where you can not only post business-related content but also engage with and comment on each other's feeds directly. At WeWork, we believe in fostering diverse communities that go beyond just business connections. You'll find communities centered around shared interests, study groups, hobbies, and more. Connect with like-minded individuals, explore new opportunities, and build meaningful relationships beyond the workplace through our vibrant community network.




At WeWork, we host a wide range of events on a daily basis to enhance collaboration and community building. From introducing other member companies to organizing business study groups and hobby-related meetings, there's always something happening to cater to diverse interests. Through our app, you can easily explore and stay updated on the various events taking place within our vibrant community. You'll have the opportunity to participate, connect with others, and expand your horizons in both professional and personal realms. Join us in creating meaningful experiences and connections through our engaging event offerings.

Business Matching Service "Connect by WeWork"

Connect by WeWork is a powerful business matching service designed to connect users with relevant members and events across industries and business sectors. Through this platform, users can propose their business challenges, seeking solutions from a diverse and knowledgeable community. Whether you're looking for expert advice, collaboration opportunities, or innovative solutions, Connect by WeWork provides a channel for connecting with the right people and resources.

The best part is that this service is available to all WeWork members at no additional charge. It's an inclusive and valuable resource that enhances the collaborative spirit within our community.

Propose your solutions and ideas to fellow members

Online consultations, introductions, and matching services are available

Connect with WeWork members nationwide.


Connect, learn, and thrive at WeWork.


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At WeWork, we curate a diverse range of events tailored to the interests of our residents. From member-organized gatherings to WeWork-sponsored events, both online and offline, we offer a wide variety of experiences. Whether it's business-focused or casual, there's something for everyone to enjoy and connect with like-minded individuals.






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