Why choose WeWork?

Unleash the power of modern office operations. Our diverse workspaces and flexible contracts provide the ultimate solution for businesses in a new era. Explore the convenience, affordability, and comfort of our flexible offices, carefully designed to cater to your team’s ever-changing needs. Embrace the future of work and unlock endless opportunities with WeWork Japan.

The WeWork Advantage

Flexible contracts tailored to your needs
Reduce your overall office costs
With WeWork, you can significantly reduce interior construction costs, restoration costs, and security deposits. Our memberships include all-inclusive services such as electricity, water, Wi-Fi, and other infrastructure costs, as well as access to printers and complimentary beverages.
Your office grows this you
Adapt your workspace to your evolving needs with our flexible membership options and scalable solutions. Contracts can be made from a minimum of one month *1, so you can flexibly upgrade or downsize your office on a monthly basis *2. *1 Subject to availability of dedicated office space. *2 Minimum contract period varies depending on contract details and number of people.
Convenient & comfortable
Located in prime locations and high-grade buildings
Experience the privilege of working in secure, high-grade buildings and iconic towers. Our convenient locations near train stations prioritize comfort and productivity for you and your team, ensuring satisfaction for both employees and visitors. Join us to enjoy the benefits of prestigious workspaces.
Elevate your work style
Experience a transformative work style, where innovation and flexibility converge. Our inspiring spaces fuel creativity, collaboration, and productivity, creating a dynamic work environment. Choose from private offices, shared workspaces, or virtual offices that cater to your needs. Embrace a new work style that brings flexibility, efficiency, and a balanced life.
Supercharge your growth
Versatile workspaces for enhanced productivity
Unlock your full potential with WeWork's diverse workspaces designed to cater to your unique needs. Whether you thrive in vibrant and collaborative environments that ignite creativity or prefer focused workspaces that enhance productivity, we have the perfect solution for you. Choose from a diverse range of options, incl. private offices for teams from 1 to 1,000+ people.
Where ideas & collaborations flourish
WeWork's diverse membership includes large corporations, startups, individuals, and government agencies, fostering connections and an open mindset. Our resident community team is dedicated to supporting you in connecting with a wide variety of companies, facilitating collaboration and networking opportunities.
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Growing together with WeWork

Witness an entrepreneur’s incredible startup journey at WeWork. Discover the unique advantages and dynamic office environment that are specifically curated to nurture the growth of startups and established corporations alike. Experience the seamless connection between flexibility and success as you immerse yourself in our vibrant community. With WeWork, you'll find the ideal blend of support, resources, and networking opportunities to fuel your entrepreneurial ambitions. Join us and unlock the potential for limitless growth and success.

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Explore WeWork’s locations

Embark on a virtual tour of WeWork's premier location, WeWork Link Square Shinjuku. Immerse yourself in breathtaking views of Shinjuku Gyoen, relax and unwind in our spacious lounge area, and explore our meticulously designed and highly functional office spaces. Experience the perfect harmony of style and functionality as you navigate through our state-of-the-art facilities. Whether you're seeking a collaborative workspace, a private office, or a vibrant community to connect with, WeWork Link Square Shinjuku has it all. Join us on this digital journey and discover the future of work.

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