WeWork Japan Executive Officer ジョニー・ユーからのメッセージ / Message from Johnny Yoo, Executive Officer of WeWork Japan


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WeWork Japan合同会社
Executive Officer
Johnny Yoo


WeWork Japanのソフトバンクへの事業承継について


日頃より格別のご指導を賜り、厚くお礼申し上げます。2月1日に発表させて頂いた「ソフトバンクがWeWork Japanの事業を承継」について、メンバーの皆様に大変なご心配をおかけ致しましたこと深くお詫び申し上げます。


弊社では、2023年11月のWeWork Inc.による米連邦破産法第11条の申請以降、メンバーの皆様に安心して長期間ご利用頂ける環境をご用意するべく、様々な可能性について検討を重ねて参りました。





SoftBank Corp. to Become WeWork Japan’s Parent Company


Dear Highly Valued WeWork Japan Members and Partners,

Thank you for your continuous support of WeWork Japan. By now you have likely seen or heard of our press release regarding Softbank Corp. taking 100% ownership of WeWork Japan.

During the transition process expected to be completed in April, all members will continue to have access to WeWork locations both in Japan and globally, just as you have now. All services will continue to be provided under the WeWork brand, and the service level will remain the same. Furthermore, your membership agreements will be transferred to the new company as is, without any additional burden to you.

Since WeWork Inc.’s Chapter 11 filing in November 2023, we have been carefully considering several possibilities to ensure a stable environment for our all our members to confidently continue to use our services without worry of continuity issues or any other distractions.

Under the full support of SoftBank, the newly established 100% subsidiary, “WWJ Corp.,” will continue operations without any changes and with a more stable ownership structure. Filing for civil rehabilitation (“minjisaisei”) allows us to smoothly and definitively transition to a more secure and stable financial position while enabling us to improve our services, increase new locations, and add new technologies to enhance our community experience.

We sincerely apologize for any concerns we may have caused you. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to maintaining our relationship with you in the future.

With gratitude for your continued support,

Johnny Yoo
Executive Officer, WeWork Japan GK

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